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Repairing Photo Problems and How to Avoid Them in the Future

Learn from other photographers mistakes so you can avoid making them
in the future. These are actual photos that were posted to a photo
sharing website. We then made the necessary corrections.

Illuminating Dark Photo

Camera's flash didn't work properly.

Use auto or fill flash setting to remedy the situation.

Faded Photo Restoration

Photo from the late1960's or 70's that has faded.

Keep photos in cool, dry environment and limit
exposure to direct sunlight

Repairing Exposure

Camera's sensor exposed for the bright background.


Make certain the camera exposes for the subject matter
by having less background included in the viewfinder.
Use camera's backlight compensator

Underexposure Corrected

White Dresses
Not enough light in the deep shade.


White Dresses_2
A fill flash would have been useful to provide the
needed light or move subjects to open shade.

  Exposure Correction

Young Maiden
Here the exposure has set for the bright background.

Young Maiden_2
Get close to subject to take an exposure reading, lock 
it in the camera, and then move back to take the photo.
Use backlight compensation if available on camera.

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Restoring Faded Photo

Outdoor Fun
Photo has faded due to age or exposure to sunlight.

Outdoor Fun_2
Keep photos in cool, dry environment and out of direct
sunlight or in a frame with glass which  helps filter out the
 harmful effects of light.

Photo Rejuvenation

Blonde Woman
Camera's flash did not work or was not turned on.

Blonde Woman_2
Use fill flash to provide more light in dim environments.

Photo Tinting, Colorizing

Green Eyes
Overexposed black and white photo.

Green Eyes_2

Color adds dimension to a photo
of a beautiful young woman.

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