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Photo Sharing Video Sharing Photos Software

 The following sites allow you to store and share photos and videos.

 Please read each site's terms and conditions as each has it's pros and cons.

Some are totally free and some allow unlimited storage and bandwidth. Most require you to surrender

your copy writes to be able to share your images with others. At least one site requires you to surrender

your copy writes and your moral rights. Most give up to twenty free prints after you join and provide

albums with which to sort and share your photos. Software is available to make uploading your photos 

easy and automatic.  Keep back-up copies of your photos and videos on as many different types of 

media as possible including high quality paper and ink for photos. Don't rely on any one source or any

one place for your back-up copies. Trade back-up copies with other family members or friends.

These sites will store your submissions for varying amounts of time, from a few months to forever(?). 

 Look into using two sites in case one shuts down.

In alphabetical order:

BubbleShare  ClubPhoto  DivShare  DropShots  Flickr  Fotki 

FotoThing  FreeWebs  ImageEvent  ImageShare  ImageStation  ImgSpot 

KeepAndShare  KoffeePhoto  KodakGallery  LifeSnapz  MyPhotoAlbum  Multiply 

Natuba  Pando  Pbase  PictureTrail  Phanfare  PhotoBucket 

PhotoMax  PhotoShare  PhotoSharing  PhotoSite  Picasaweb  RockYou 

ScrapbookPictures  Shutterfly  Slide  SmugMug  SnapFish 

TinyPic  VillagePhotos  WebShots  YahooPhotos  Zoto 


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