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Digital Photo Restoration Enhancement Editing Retouching
Restore Repair Tinting Photos From Slides or Negatives Image Edit

We will resolve your photo problems, here's how:

We'll load your photos, slides, negatives, digital photos or images

into a computer and following your instructions, use photo editing

software to make the necessary changes:

>Crop: make the subject of the photo more noticeable.

>Adjust: brightness and contrast for dark or faded photos.

>Adjust: color balance and saturation.

>Remove items: shadows, backgrounds, facial blemishes

or people including your "ex-whatever".

>Add items of your choice: special effects, objects,

people or pets, text or a complete new background.

>Sharpen: fuzzy, out-of-focus photos.

>Tint or Sepia tone: black and white photos.

>Convert: color photos to black and white.

>Combine: several smaller photos into one.

>Create: a photo collage from several photos.

>Make: digital photos from slides or negatives.

>Enlarge: photos for easier viewing.

>Print: on high quality photo paper.

NOTE: Each sheet of prints includes:(4) 3.5"x5"

or (2) 5"x7" photos or (1)8"x10" photo.


Send your photos, slides, negatives or photo CD in a sturdy

envelope or use a photo mailer available at any office supply

store or at the post office. Tell us what corrections you want

for each photo. If sending more than one photo at a time, use a

pencil to number each one on a backside corner. Use a simple sketch

to show where to crop each photo. Tell us what size and how many

prints of each photo you would like. Include your e-mail address

so we may contact you if necessary. If your photos are very fragile

or irreplaceable you may want them copied onto a floppy disk,

CD-rom disk or zip disk and keep the photos safely at home

while you send us the disk.

Indecent photos or other questionable material not accepted.


Correct each photo plus one sheet of prints __________$35.00

Additional sheet of prints, each_____________________$12.00

Shipping and Insurance, each order ________________$15.00

For payment send money order or if you prefer, use PayPal.

Denomination: US Dollars

Satisfaction guaranteed or your money back.

Your personal information is kept strictly confidential.

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Send your photos to be corrected,  order form, and payment to:


PO Box 32

205 2nd Street West

Richey, MT 59259



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Photo Restoration Digital Photo Restoration Enhancement Editing Retouching
Photo Restore Repair Tinting Photos From Slides Negatives Image Edit

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